Admission related FAQ

(1) How can I take admission at Post Graduate Diploma courses?

You need to apply online to get admission. For online application, please visit

(2) What are your admission criteria?

Minimum bachelor degree is required to get admission.

(3) What documents or information required for online application submission?

You need to have a valid email ID and mobile number. Our system will verify your mobile number and email. You will also have to upload your softcopy photo, passport/NID copy and all academic certifications/ transcripts! Make sure you have these soft copies ready before you apply online. If you need any clarification contact us at

(4) I already have bachelor degree. Can I do the PGD course?

Yes, you are eligible to join our online course. However, please note our study materials are in English. And our exams are conducted in English as well. We recommend you apply online Once accepted, you will get access to our online campus (  Online campus has video tutorials and exam-standard MCQs. You will be then able to decide whether you want to continue your online study! 

(5) When will be your next batch started?
An eligible candidate can start the course anytime of the year.
(6) How much is your PGD course fee?

Our online PGD courses are absolutely free. You just have to pay exam fees only before/after your exam! Our exam fee is Tk. 20,000/-. 

Online campus related FAQ

(1) What happens after I apply online?

Once you successfully complete online application, we will review your application and supporting documents. If everything is okay, we will give you access to our online campus. ( The application review process will take up to five (5) working days. In case you have any question regarding your submitted application, please contact us at

(2) How do I access online campus?

At the time of your online you had provided your email address. We will send you online campus joining details in that email address. Please check your inbox and spam folder for our invitation to join the online campus. 

(3) Will the study resources in online campus be sufficient?

Yes, we are confident our digital resources are sufficient for your PGD exam preparation. However, we shall confess online campus is different than on-campus studying. Our online campus has limitations. But we are inshaAllah committed to improve our resources. 

(4) What type of resources will be available?

Videos (pre-recorded lectures) are key online resources. In addition, you will have e-book in PDF format along with a good number exam-standard MCQs. Specifically for PGDSCM, we also have audio-book – you can listen to entire book anytime anywhere! 

(5) Will there be any class on campus or live class?

No, there will NOT be any on-campus class or live online class. All our class lectures are pre-recorded. You can study anytime anywhere! 

(6) Is internet needed? Can I study from my mobile? Do I need laptop/desktop?

Internet is needed to access our online campus. And yes, you can use your mobile to access online resources. If you have laptop or desktop computer, that’s a plus 😊. Currently, we do not have any mobile app. But inshaAllah we plan to launch one for android users 😊

(7) What is the duration of online course?

We advise our students to study online and complete exam preparation within six (6) months of admission. However, all students have to successfully complete their PGD exam latest within 8 (eight) months from the date of admission. 

Exam related FAQ

(1) Where the exam will take place?

The exam can be taken from anywhere in Bangladesh provided you have access to computer with webcam and seamless internet.

(2) When the exam will take place? Or, when can I take the exam?

You can take the exam whenever you feel you are prepared. We advise the students to take exam within six months. However, you have to successfully complete your exam within 8 (eight) months from the date of your online application.

(3) How many exams I have to appear?

There is only one comprehensive exam! 

(4) What type of questions will be in the exam?

All questions will be MCQs. 

(5) How can I register for the exam?

Please complete the Exam Registration form to schedule your exam. To get the Exam Registration form, please contact us at Due to high volume exams at times, you are requested to register for exam at least two weeks in advance. 

(6) What happens after I submit exam registration form?

We will contact you within five (5) working days. And we will confirm whether we can provide the exam schedule of your choice. 

(7) How do I pay exam fees?

You can pay cash or through our Bkash Merchant account. 

(8) What is the pass mark for the exam?


(9) What is the duration of the exam?

Duration of the exam is 100 minutes.

(10) How many total questions are there in the Exam?

Exam consists of 100 MCQs (100 MCQs x 2 mark).

(11) What is the total mark of the exam?

Total mark is 200

(12) What if I fail in the exam?

If you unfortunately fail in your first exam attempt, you will be allowed up to two (2) re-sit exam opportunities. All re-sit exams must be taken within one month from your first exam attempt date.

(13) Is there any penalty fee/charges if I do not take exam?

No, there is no charges/penalty fee if you do not attempt the exam.

PGD Certificate

(1) Who will award the certificate? Or, Who will issue the certificate?

BiMS will issue the certificate. Our PGDs are endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management – IAM. Since IAM has endorsed the PGDs, IAM (UK) logo and IAM (UK) signature will also added in your PGD certificate.

(2) Can I have a look at PGDHRM sample certificate?

Please click here to download PGDHRM sample certificate.

(3) Can I have a look at PGDSCM sample certificate?

Please click here to download PGDSCM sample certificate.

(4) When / how can I collect my certificate?

You or your authorised representative have to visit our campus to collect the certificate. You will have to collect your certificate strictly within two (2) weeks  from the date of successful completion of your exam. 

(5) What is IAM?
The IAM is one of the oldest management institute in the UK having inspired professional business managers and administrators since 1915. Their focus is developing professional administrators, administrative managers and business leaders. Our PGDs are endorsed by the Institute of Administrative Management – IAM.